Jun 232015

RILEY (Kendall Family Series, #3) is now available in eBook and paperback at Amazon.com!

RILEY begins in Comus, Maryland, where the Kendall family lives.  Assassin Jordan Hunt tries to kill Riley with a sniper rifle.  When she misses, Riley begins his interrogation – while she’s trussed naked before him.  Before long, other killers appear on the scene and they must work together to stay alive.

Mar 242015

CONNOR (Kendall Family Series, #2) is now available in eBook and paperback at Amazon.com! In the coming weeks, both CONNOR and TRISTAN will be available in Kobo, iTunes, Nook, and at other retailers.

CONNOR is set in the real town of Comus, Maryland on the slopes of Sugarloaf Mountain, and Connor’s bed-and-breakfast.  The relationship between him and Sophia isn’t the only one of interest, as Sophia’s would-be kidnappers are an interesting trio whose in-fighting will determine what happens to everyone.

Those who’ve read volume one, TRISTAN, will get to see what Tristan and Victoria are now up to!  The first chapter of RILEY is also included.

Jan 042015

In support of author Randi Everheart, Fire Heart Books has run two giveaways in December 2014. Those who sign up at for Everheart’s monthly newsletter are automatically entered to win a giveaway every month.  For details, click here.

The winners are in!

Goodreads Winners

Congrats to Marcy C, Sherelle E, Susan R, Cathy L, and Brenda K for winning paperback copies of TRISTAN at Goodreads.  Almost 700 people entered to win!

BookLikes Winners

Five people were chosen to win an eBook copy of TRISTAN at BookLikes!

Dec 242014

CONNOR, (A Kendall Family Novel, Volume 2), by Randi Everheart, will be published on March 24th, 2015 in both Kindle eBook and paperback formats!  Pre-orders for the eBook are available now, for $3.99, at Amazon.com.

Dec 162014

A blog tour has been scheduled for Randi Everheart’s TRISTAN via Sizzling PR in January and February 2015! To sign up as a tour host, click the image below.

To see reviews, interviews, and other fun stuff, click the image below to see an ongoing list of where things are happening!


Nov 292014

The cover for CONNOR (Kendall Family Novel #2) will be revealed on December 16th, 2014! We’ll also be posting all of chapter 1.  The book itself will be ready in the Spring of 2015, probably in March.

Nov 222014

Fire Heart Books is excited to announce that December 23rd, 2014 is the release date for TRISTAN: A Kendall Family Novel (#1), the debut contemporary romance by Randi Everheart!  Both eBook and print versions will be available in time for the holidays.

Pre-orders for the $3.99  eBook are available now at Amazon.com.

TRISTAN takes place in and around real places in Maryland and northern Virginia, including Sugarloaf Mountain, the towns of Comus, Clarksburg, and Crozet, and the famed Skyline Drive of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.  Some local businesses are featured, too, though they’ve been renamed and re-imagined with the usual creative license of writers.  Motorcycle enthusiasts might be interested in the story, which includes sport bike racing, a chase scene, a mountain tour, and a stolen bike operation.