The Kendall Family Series

Beneath the shadow of Maryland’s Sugarloaf Mountain, the Kendalls run a bed and breakfast, stables, and winery, but the simple rural life is anything but calm when love – and trouble – finds them.

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Tristan - Kendall Family Series (#1)Tristan: A Kendall Family Novel (#1)

Five years ago, Tristan Kendall left home and the woman he loved to prove himself on the sport bike racing circuit.  With his career briefly on hold, he’s come to realize everything – and everyone – he ever wanted was right at home all along.  Now he’s determined to win back her heart no matter the cost.

But Victoria Lane’s been through more than Tristan knows since he broke her heart.  No longer the girl he once knew, she has a life to live, and a heart to give, but only to someone who’s planning to stick around.  And she’s sure that isn’t him.  Can he convince her that she’s the only victory lane he wants to be in?

Release Date: December 23, 2014.

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You can download a PDF of Chapter 1 or read it online.

Connor - Kendall Family Series (#2)

Connor: A Kendall Family Novel (#2)

When Sophia Turner comes home from college for the summer, she has no idea her stalker is planning to kidnap her–and worse.  But she escapes with the clothes on her back and nothing more, searching for safety and somewhere to stay.

Connor Kendall is looking forward to a quiet summer running his bed and breakfast, but when a barefoot Sophia turns up looking scared and with no bags, he takes her in despite concern she may have brought trouble with her.  She’s hiding something, he’s sure, and yet he vows that nothing will harm her as long as she’s staying with him, but the promise might be harder to keep than he’d ever imagined.

Release Date: March 24, 2015.

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You can download a PDF of Chapter 1 or read it online.

Riley New - Thumbnail

Riley: A Kendall Family Novel (#3)

When Marine sniper Riley Kendall retired to live the quiet life, he never thought bullets would start flying through his house. It’s hardly the first time a woman’s wanted to kill him, but it’s the first time one has actually tried.

For assassin Jordan Hunt, just name the target, meet her price, and she’ll take care of the rest. This time, the man visible through her rifle’s view port is too sexy to kill, but a job’s a job.  When she misses and finds herself trussed naked before him, she may find her excitement harder to hide than who hired her.

Release Date: June 23, 2015.

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You can download a PDF of Chapter 1 or read it online.